The patented BIOflex® technology, combined with state-of-the-art braces, wraps and supports have been developed into an innovative product line possessing the benefits of both new age and alternative medicine and mainstream conventional medicine. The BIOflex® product line provides new insights and possibilities never before available to the home health care market.

All Magnets are NOT Created Equal!

  • Founded in 1986, BIOflex® is the ORIGINAL biomagnetic company.
  • BIOflex® Concentric Circle Magnets have been Clinically Proven to Reduce Pain, Accelerate Healing, and Improve Circulation.
  • BIOflex® magnets are manufactured specifically and exclusively for human medical use.
  • Only BIOflex® offers concentric circle magnets, guaranteeing accurate alignment with the affected blood vessels. This revolutionary, patented technology ensures the deepest penetration of the magnetic field to the affected area.
  • The BIOflex® concentric circle magnet, patented in the United States, Europe and Japan, is the only magnet to choose.
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